Prayer 4: For the rotten days

Dear God,

I’m feeling pretty rotten today. Too many things to do, all of them dull and not enough time to do them even if they were interesting. On top of that, all the nice things I like to do aren’t working out even though I do put a lot of effort into doing them, and I’m wondering if You’ve not been pulling Your weight on my concerns lately as much as You used to do? I know there’s a lot of stuff in the world that You need to give time to, but to a God with Your powers my needs are basically just business as usual to You, so You shouldn’t have any problems fitting them in at odd moments throughout Your eternal day here and there.

Just thought I’d raise this issue so You knew it was in my mind. Is there any chance at all that I could have rather more success with the nice things I do, so I wouldn’t mind so much about the dull things? After all, a stitch in time saves nine, and if You made more of an effort now when I’m feeling (relatively) sane, then You won’t have to make me into a Big Project later on when You’ll have even less time to do it. Thank you.

PS I’m only thinking of You here … Sort of.


2 responses to “Prayer 4: For the rotten days

  1. This is brilliant, an so true

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