The curse of Facebook envy….

This is brilliant – many thanks for this, Paula. So true!…

Ugly Grace

I logged on to Facebook the other day, took a quick whizz through my news feed and then, with a sense of gloom, logged out feeling just a smidge depressed.

I think it was a bit of a grey day anyway – you know how it goes – not enough sleep and a few grumpy moments, conspire to create an underlying crankiness. To then look at Facebook and Twitter & see a bunch of smiling, laughing, large groups, boasting, sharing, perfect, unblemished lives….well, it kinda just left me deflated.

Facebook envy….that’s what it is.

Facebook envy is looking at another person’s life on Social Media and coming to the conclusion that your life doesn’t quite measure up. Which is essentially why, on a blue day, I found Facebook to be rather depressing.

The truth is, my life does measure up. No life is perfect but it’s got enough of the…

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