Prayer 7: the hell of roads

Dear God,

I hate roads. I have just spent an hour on the A3 trying to get to work and now I am stupidly late. And today I was especially trying to be early as I’ve just made it under the wire for 9am for most of this week, so I was trying to be good today. Then again, trying to be good doesn’t really suit me, does it? You are – and have never been – fooled by that.

Anyhow, this morning I am now officially 30 minutes late and I’m feeling cross. If You are going to inspire Your people to make roads, please could You ensure that they are fit for the purpose and have enough room for the number of cars that want to be on them? Surely it can’t be too much to ask. Or if You’re feeling particularly generous (which of course You always are) please could you make sure that there aren’t any other cars on the road when I want to get to work quickly. That would be lovely.

Then again, while I think of it, half way during my long and painful stay on the A3, I did have to pull over for an ambulance. I hope the people who needed the ambulance were all right, whatever’s happened, and please could You take care of them? That would be lovely too. And maybe I should really just count myself lucky that I was stuck in a long queue and not needing an ambulance myself. So I’m grateful that I’m only late for work, and not absent from it entirely this morning. There’s a sobering thought … Thank You.


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