Prayer 8: a housework plea

Dear God,

I hate housework. It’s such an effort having to clean the house every week, year in and year out. Is there any way You could possibly allow our clever scientists to invent a self-cleaning house? That would be brilliant, and would give me so much more time to watch Escape to the Country on TV, instead of recording it in order to not watch it later as usual …

And, yes, I know, that in an ideal world, I should be using the time to be super holy and spiritual, and meditating on pure and inspiring thoughts, but, as You know, I’ve never been that kind of woman, and the very thought of all that serious and committed prayer makes me run for the hills in terror.

Anyway, I think that if I have to clean one more toilet or polish one more mirror, my brain might actually explode, and then where would I be? Scattered across the carpet and leaving one heck of a cleaning job for some other poor unfortunate. Which is surely not a result You would desire. So, as I say, the self-cleaning house would be brilliant. Please let me know when it’s done. Thank You.


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