Prayer 12: Difficult people

Dear God

I know You’re not going to be particularly happy about this, but I’ve just heard the wonderful news that a colleague I absolutely hate at work will be leaving soon and I am utterly thrilled in every way. So much so that when I heard the good news (for which thank You!), I went to the ladies’ loos and high-fived myself (if such a thing is even possible …) and mouthed “Re-sult!” to my reflection in the mirror.

Yes, I understand this makes me a bad Christian and definitely a very sad person, but really it’s the best news I’ve had all week. So thank You.

PS Will I sign the leaving card? Um, no. Sorry …


2 responses to “Prayer 12: Difficult people

  1. I though of this as soon as I read your post…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha! I LOVE that link – that was so me in the ladies’ loos! 🙂


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