Prayer 13: garden happiness

Dear God,

I know this is unusual as I normally provide You with a helpful list of my needs for Your ease of reference, but this prayer is actually to say thank You. I just wanted to say thank You for my garden, You see. We’ve only had it for three years or so but I really love it far more than I ever thought I would.

All those years of me saying gardens are dull, and now look at me – out there whenever possible weeding and deadheading, planting and planning. I love it. You certainly know how to have the last laugh, as now I really wish we’d thought of living somewhere with a garden before. They’re so terribly calming, which is brilliant as my stress levels are – as You know – normally sky-high. It’s great to potter about in the garden, and I can’t think of anything worrying in my life when I’m thinking about plants and flowers. So, thank You for that.

PS However, if You could do something about making the weeds not as virulent, I’d be hugely grateful, of course.


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