Prayer 20: the horrors of Christmas

Dear God,

So sorry to have to say this, but I really do hate Christmas. It comes round earlier each year, and my heart sinks when I see the first decorations in the shops, and when the office starts talking about the Christmas meal. Don’t get me wrong – theologically, I think it’s great. But I really can’t stand all the forced festivity stuff, present-buying panics and family focus.

Please could You not just find a way of Christmas suddenly happening for just one day (rather than over about 3 months) so it’s a total surprise each year? Much like the original, I imagine – for which thank You, by the way. I’m sure this new approach would be better for everyone, and certainly less stressful. Thank You.


One response to “Prayer 20: the horrors of Christmas

  1. Once upon a time, the Christmas sales commercials didn’t even start till after Thanksgiving. Now, Black Friday is a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving, and the commercials start after 9/11…
    So, I’m with you 100%!

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