Prayer 85: Prayer can be dull too …

Dear God

Is it just me or are prayer times usually quite dull? I mean I read my bible and I think about the day ahead and ask for help in it, and then I try to pray, but it’s not that easy. Usually my mind then quickly drifts off onto a massive and fluctuating list of (a) things I need to do, (b) things I ought to do, (c) people I don’t like much, including my family (sorry!), (d) worries about dying of some terrible but as yet unknown disease, and (e) a million totally marvellous imaginary ways to get back at people I think might have been nasty to me. Sorry, again, but there it is …

Then again, maybe that is my prayer life and You’re okay with it. Because I could definitely do with Your gracious help in making things better within all that list, both in my life and within myself. Thank You.


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