Prayer 104: the unreality of Christian writers

Dear God

It’s all very well for these super-holy Christian writers to tell us we need to take time to find our true vocation in You, but I bet they don’t have to give time – lots of time – to having two demanding part-time jobs, getting the cleaning, cooking and general domestics done, sorting the car out when it breaks again, remembering which night is bin night and which night is recycling night, trying to work out which plumber is the best one to call when the showers don’t work properly, keeping the garden and the allotment under control and trying to look like a normal middle-aged woman vaguely in charge of her own life. Bah! If I had time to think about any sort of vocation, I’m sure I’d add it to my list, but I don’t, so I take these Christian writers (and funnily enough, they’re all men, aren’t they?…) with a very large pinch of salt. Bah again, and thank You for listening.


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