Prayer 139: Exercise fail

Dear God

I’m trying to be very good at the moment and walk up all six flights of stairs to get to my office in order to get some exercise. Naturally this takes me a while as I absolutely need to go at my own pace. However, I really hate it when people start walking up behind me who are much fitter than I am, and yesterday I found myself having to go faster and faster just in order to avoid the shame of being overtaken on the stairs.

Yes, I know that probably means I’m really weird, but if they did pass me I would then have to have a brief chat with them just to be polite, and really I have no breath left in order to form any words at all and would probably collapse. So please could You either stop people walking embarrassingly close behind me on the stairs or give me more puff to get up there at a reasonable rate in the first place. Thank You.


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