Prayer 161: Other People’s Glory

Dear God

I’m feeling delicate enough as it is but today everywhere I turn, I see friends and strangers succeeding beyond every measure of success in their dreams, whereas I’m struggling away as always to no apparent avail and with very little good news coming my way. Sorry, and I know it means I’m a Very Bad Christian (no surprises there for You then …) and an appalling friend, but actually, I just want to punch them to stop them talking about it all the time, and be left alone with my own failures.

And whilst I’m consumed with envy, I still have to go on smiling and offering supposedly heartfelt congratulations, oh dear me. Because honestly sometimes lying is the only option. This far on in my life and career, I don’t actually expect any success (though still I dream, ah well …), but could You at least be kind enough to ensure that I only have to listen to Tales of Other People’s Glory no more than once a month, rather than three times a ruddy day. Thank You.


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