Prayer 177: The horrors of Ezekiel

Dear God

I have to say that if I thought Jeremiah was grim, then Ezekiel is a million times more so, oh dear me. Could You not have chosen some prophets with happier personalities and perhaps even a tendency now and again to look on the bright side? I mean Ezekiel does go on so, and I can see why the people didn’t pay much heed to the poor bloke.

Honestly, if I’d been around then, if I saw Ezekiel coming, I would have hidden pretty damn quick and prayed he wouldn’t see me. Much like the people at the time then … And perhaps there’s a lesson there for me too – Your message doesn’t always turn up in pleasant ways or from people I particularly like to be with, so help me listen to You as best I can even when it’s not easy. Thank You.


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