I am never alone.

Wear Love Everywhere you go. -Colossians 3:14

We are taught a couple common themes within our lifetime. You are taught growing up that you’ll be a princess, you’ll find your prince, and your life is a Disney story. This theme carries on while little girls are brushing their hair, having tea parties, envisioning their princess wedding dress. This continues on until the cold reality of growing up sets in. We face diversity, ethics, morals, we face bullying, hatred, being alone and thus a new theme is born; you were born alone, you will die alone.

For one, I believed that for a long time. I often struggled with my faith, until faith was no longer in my vocabulary. I chased after the wrong people, took the wrong path. I found myself struggling day to day fighting off sadness, fighting off a feeling that shouldn’t be there, fighting off emptiness. I didn’t quite know how to ask what…

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