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Prayer 291: Life with God

Dear God

Thank You that with You there is always a future and a hope and we are never left on our own. With You, our lives are so much more than we have ever asked for or imagined. Thank You for the wonderful gift of life in all its fullness. It means more to us all than we can ever truly say. Thank You.


Prayer 290: A job well done

Dear God

Thank You for the incredible satisfaction of a job well done – there’s really no feeling like it! I didn’t think that I’d be able to get everything at work finished yesterday, what with everything else that was going on around me, but I did, and I feel very happy indeed about it. Honestly, it’s the little things that make all the difference, isn’t it? So thank You for them.

Prayer 289: Comfort TV

Dear God

Thank You for comfort TV – I really love all those light-hearted crime dramas like Midsomer Murders and New Tricks as they’re just so soothing. Nothing quite like a jolly murder, is there? It’s just a shame that the Powers That Be seem to be taking these joyful offerings away from our screens and replacing them with the ghastly Nordic Noir or just any old Noir, sigh. Not all of us like our TV grim! So I pray that we might get less existential angst on our televisions and more simple fun. A prayer for TV and for life then. Thank You.

Prayer 286: Ice cream surprise

Dear God

I do so love going to the theatre – it always makes me feel happy even when the play itself is sad. A good play makes everyone more human and more alive, I’m convinced of it. But the total joy of last night’s play was the fact that the theatre have made their interval ice cream tubs larger and remembered to take them out of the freezer before the interval arrived so they were actually soft enough to eat and enjoy, hurrah! And in an age where progress seems to mean food stuffs get smaller, having one instance where they actually give you more of something is amazing! So thank You for larger ice cream portions – they’re just the best.

Prayer 285: God’s creativity

Dear God

People really do some crazy and hysterical things at times, don’t they? This week so far has been full of surprises and laughter and it’s really been seeing us all through. So thank You for creating people in all their astonishing, rainbow-coloured creativity and making everyone thoroughly and blessedly unique. Help me to appreciate and care for people the way You do, and a special thank You for Your creativity and humour.

Prayer 284: Unexpected blessing

Dear God

I fully expected this week to be hugely difficult and exhausting at work, and had myself all geared up for the worst. So thank You very much that actually it’s so far not proving to be too bad at all and in fact I’m even quite enjoying it – goodness me!

Thank You then that You are a God Who delights in giving us unexpected blessings in all sorts of ways, and help my eyes and heart to be open enough that I don’t miss a single one of them. Thank You.

Prayer 282: The joy of Jonah

Dear God

I do love the book of Jonah – it’s so simple, dramatic and has a clear message. Plus it’s short so you don’t have to wade through acres of descriptions of laws, measurements or family trees, hurrah! Sorry, but those parts of the Bible are really terribly dull, so Jonah makes a refreshing change.

Mind You, one memorable thing I do take away with me today is that it’s best to avoid the sea and ships. Something I’ve always tried to stick to in my life wherever possible, so I hope in this regard at least I am indeed following Your commands …