I am never alone.

Wear Love Everywhere you go. -Colossians 3:14

We are taught a couple common themes within our lifetime. You are taught growing up that you’ll be a princess, you’ll find your prince, and your life is a Disney story. This theme carries on while little girls are brushing their hair, having tea parties, envisioning their princess wedding dress. This continues on until the cold reality of growing up sets in. We face diversity, ethics, morals, we face bullying, hatred, being alone and thus a new theme is born; you were born alone, you will die alone.

For one, I believed that for a long time. I often struggled with my faith, until faith was no longer in my vocabulary. I chased after the wrong people, took the wrong path. I found myself struggling day to day fighting off sadness, fighting off a feeling that shouldn’t be there, fighting off emptiness. I didn’t quite know how to ask what…

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Prayer 290: A job well done

Dear God

Thank You for the incredible satisfaction of a job well done – there’s really no feeling like it! I didn’t think that I’d be able to get everything at work finished yesterday, what with everything else that was going on around me, but I did, and I feel very happy indeed about it. Honestly, it’s the little things that make all the difference, isn’t it? So thank You for them.

Prayer 289: Comfort TV

Dear God

Thank You for comfort TV – I really love all those light-hearted crime dramas like Midsomer Murders and New Tricks as they’re just so soothing. Nothing quite like a jolly murder, is there? It’s just a shame that the Powers That Be seem to be taking these joyful offerings away from our screens and replacing them with the ghastly Nordic Noir or just any old Noir, sigh. Not all of us like our TV grim! So I pray that we might get less existential angst on our televisions and more simple fun. A prayer for TV and for life then. Thank You.

Prayer 288: Still only Tuesday?

Dear God

Well, yesterday was a pretty long day, I must say. Honestly, it seemed to last at least six months, and at one point I thought that 5.30pm was never going to come round and I might be in the office forever. Hell indeed, eh … There was just so much stuff going on and so many different kinds of crisis to circumnavigate – couldn’t You have spread the pain throughout the week rather than giving it all to us in one day? Just a thought …

Still, I suppose that does at least mean that the worst might just be over, so thank You for that. I really hope the rest of the week improves, and whatever happens, thank You for somehow seeing us all through it.

Life Is Like a Rollercoaster: Two Reasons You Should Not Worry

Prayer 287: Monday morning

Dear God

My mind is completely blank today and I can’t seem to form any kind of prayer, sensible or otherwise. Still, You’re used to that with me, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to You. As my befuddled brain attempts to take on board the fact of another week – and a great deal to do at work today as well! – please be with me, guiding my choices and helping me to cope with whatever comes my way. Thank You.

Prayer 286: Ice cream surprise

Dear God

I do so love going to the theatre – it always makes me feel happy even when the play itself is sad. A good play makes everyone more human and more alive, I’m convinced of it. But the total joy of last night’s play was the fact that the theatre have made their interval ice cream tubs larger and remembered to take them out of the freezer before the interval arrived so they were actually soft enough to eat and enjoy, hurrah! And in an age where progress seems to mean food stuffs get smaller, having one instance where they actually give you more of something is amazing! So thank You for larger ice cream portions – they’re just the best.