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Prayer 223: A spirit of adventure

Dear God

When the unexpected happens, give me strength not to be frightened of it (how I hate change!) but instead to see Your miraculous workings at its heart. Give me a spirit of adventure to overcome my usual fears and to follow Your promptings more closely. Thank You.


Prayer 203: The adventure of Christianity

Dear God

Ezekiel says that when the people enter the temple by the west gate, they should leave by the east gate, and when they enter by the north, they should leave by the south, and that nobody should leave by the gate they came by. Thank You for this reminder of how worship changes us at the inner core of our being and we can never be the same afterwards. Thank You for the great and profound adventure of Christianity – and what an adventure it is!

Prayer 52: God’s wonderful presence

Dear God

Help me to see how much and how deeply You are involved in all of life, from the greatest adventure to the smallest moment. Open my eyes so that I can catch a glimpse of You wherever You’re working in my life and the lives of those around me. Help me to be open to Your wonderful presence. Thank You.

Prayer 43: God’s comfort

Dear God

When I think about it – I mean really think about it – the world is so very big and I am so very small. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, and I can’t take any of it in. So thank You for caring for each and every one of us as if we were indeed the whole world to You. Because it’s this which makes the difference and makes life a wonderful adventure, however scared we are. Thank You.