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Prayer 156: The Horror of Smugness

Dear God

I really hate smug or condescending people. They make me feel quite violent as I don’t see the point of either attitude. We’re all in the same boat of trying to get on in the world, after all, so why can’t we just all work together rather than get at each other? As my mother used to say, we need to learn how to ‘play nicely’ with each other – so help me to play my part in that and to try to respond to smugness with love, not anger. Thank You.


Prayer 55: the peaceful heart

Dear God

Honestly, there seems to be so much anger and shouting in the world. I know I’m the last person to complain as I get angry a lot and end up shouting too so I’m just adding to the problem. But please could You give me a heart of peace instead of the bitter and rather unloving heart I currently have – so instead of adding anger to the world, I might add calmness instead. Because the world definitely needs more peace and less rage! Thank You.

Prayer 40: Angry Isaiah

Dear God

I must say Isaiah can be quite a violent and angry young man, can’t he? I’m reading his book in the bible at the moment and honestly it’s quite exhausting. Especially first thing in the morning before I get my hands on a cup of coffee. Still, it’s good to know that all kinds of emotions are acceptable to You, and You don’t get fazed by anything we humans can possibly come up with. And speaking as a woman in the initial stages of her menopause, that’s really quite a relief! Thank You.

Prayer 39: for the horrible days

Dear God,

Well, I must say that yesterday was a truly horrible day and everything that could possibly go wrong at work did. Even when I left work, the pain didn’t stop as I tried to get petrol on the way home but couldn’t park near enough to the petrol pump because of the badly parked lorry in front of me (harrumph!) so struggled to get any petrol in the car at all.

I’ve never actually punched anyone in public (or indeed in private) but yesterday I did come pretty close. Anyway, wouldn’t it be easier if You spread out the pain over several days rather than putting it all in one day? I’d certainly be able to deal with that more easily and my demands on Your time would therefore be less. Just a thought … Thank You.