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Prayer 285: God’s creativity

Dear God

People really do some crazy and hysterical things at times, don’t they? This week so far has been full of surprises and laughter and it’s really been seeing us all through. So thank You for creating people in all their astonishing, rainbow-coloured creativity and making everyone thoroughly and blessedly unique. Help me to appreciate and care for people the way You do, and a special thank You for Your creativity and humour.


Prayer 284: Unexpected blessing

Dear God

I fully expected this week to be hugely difficult and exhausting at work, and had myself all geared up for the worst. So thank You very much that actually it’s so far not proving to be too bad at all and in fact I’m even quite enjoying it – goodness me!

Thank You then that You are a God Who delights in giving us unexpected blessings in all sorts of ways, and help my eyes and heart to be open enough that I don’t miss a single one of them. Thank You.

Prayer 196: An expansive love

Dear God

Thank You that You are a God of relationships, not of rules. Thank You that Your love helps us expand and deepen our humanity, not constrict it. Help me to open my heart more fully to Your presence every day and may Your Spirit work through me to bless others. Thank You.

Prayer 187: the mysteries of Lazarus

Dear God

The miracle of Lazarus is always breath-taking, no matter how many times I read it. Thank You for Your great power and mercy in bringing to life things that are long dead, and giving us hope where there is none.

Still, I do often wonder how his second chance at life was for Lazarus and how terrible it must have been when the authorities started to persecute him too. Help us to remember that just because we have received a great blessing doesn’t mean there won’t be pain too – and give us the grace to bear it. Thank You.

Prayer 180: God’s vision

Dear God

The trouble with the Bible is that there’s just so much going on even in the most obvious of passages. It’s like an iceberg where all I can see is one small section of truth, but there’s a vast amount of wisdom and blessing under the surface that I can’t see or truly understand. Much like people, I suppose – as we only ever see a small part of who people are, as everything underneath is so much deeper and more glorious than we can ever imagine. Help me to see more clearly with Your vision rather than my own. Thank You.

Prayer 168: The joy of gardening

Dear God

What a truly glorious weekend! Thank You so much for sunshine. We spent as much time as possible in the allotment and the garden, and we’ve planted lots of lovely flowers and vegetables. So we’re ready for summer, almost. All we need now is Your generous blessing on our efforts, and we’ll be all set for the long, sunshiney days ahead. Thank You.

Prayer 107: being fifty

Dear God

I don’t like being in my fifties – it’s a really horrid feeling that there’s much less time ahead of me than there is behind me, and I do think life is on the whole something to hang on to for as long as possible if I can manage it. I know heaven’s supposed to be wonderful but You know how much I hate change … As I go into my older years, help me to keep holding on to You, and please guide and bless me through it. Thank You.