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Prayer 210: The gift of friends

Dear God

Thank You for friends and friendship. It’s such a precious gift. Help me not to take those I love for granted, but to listen from my heart to their needs and cares. Give me the ability to provide support when it’s needed, and laughter for the times of celebration. Thank You for caring for us and our friends so much.


Prayer 43: God’s comfort

Dear God

When I think about it – I mean really think about it – the world is so very big and I am so very small. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, and I can’t take any of it in. So thank You for caring for each and every one of us as if we were indeed the whole world to You. Because it’s this which makes the difference and makes life a wonderful adventure, however scared we are. Thank You.

Prayer 28: the Good Samaritan

Dear God,

I must say how sensible I think it was that the Good Samaritan carried around a decent supply of oil and wine wherever he went. Now there’s a man who knew what it meant to be prepared. I’m not sure, however, how pleased You might be if I took to always taking a handy bottle of the grape with me to pour on strangers in need wherever I found them – but please let me remember to show the same mercy to others as the Good Samaritan did anyway. Thank You.