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Prayer 223: A spirit of adventure

Dear God

When the unexpected happens, give me strength not to be frightened of it (how I hate change!) but instead to see Your miraculous workings at its heart. Give me a spirit of adventure to overcome my usual fears and to follow Your promptings more closely. Thank You.


Prayer 205: The terror of death

Dear God

I have to say – and I’m sure I’m not alone here – that the thought of dying is just so depressing. Does it absolutely have to be like this? Because I do find it very frightening indeed, even though I know we’re supposed to view death as a door to be with You in a far deeper way. The problem is that I really don’t like stepping out of my comfort zone, and I’m more than happy with life with my loved one here on earth – so the thought of what is inevitably to come is really quite distressing. Help me to trust You more, knowing that You have promised to be with us in all things. Thank You.

Prayer 203: The adventure of Christianity

Dear God

Ezekiel says that when the people enter the temple by the west gate, they should leave by the east gate, and when they enter by the north, they should leave by the south, and that nobody should leave by the gate they came by. Thank You for this reminder of how worship changes us at the inner core of our being and we can never be the same afterwards. Thank You for the great and profound adventure of Christianity – and what an adventure it is!

Prayer 124: the dread of changes

Dear God

There are a lot of changes coming down the road in the week ahead, some of them potentially good but most of them very bad indeed. Please help me to ride the storm with Your help, and to somehow be able to offer support to others wherever I can and, again, with Your help. Thank You.

Prayer 120: the horror of change

Dear God

The trouble is that I spend so long yearning for things to be better or just different, but when You actually give me a chance to make things different, I get very anxious about it – because in all honesty I hate change! Even when it might possibly be for the better, You see. The familiar routine is such a comfort … So give me the courage to take the unfamiliar path if You give me the opportunity to do so, no matter how scared I am. Thank You.