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Prayer 194: God’s birthday

Dear God

Thank You for birthdays, and the happiness of having one special day that is truly our own. It’s such fun to be made a fuss of, I have to say! Thank You also for sending Jesus and for His special birthday too. Thank You for being a God Who truly cares about us and Who truly shares our humanity in every way. You do more for us than we can ever ask for or imagine. Thank You.

Prayer 73: Another Christmas miracle

Dear God

Last Christmas was very grim as we had no heat, hot water or light over the Christmas period, but thank You that this year You have generously supplied us with the constant gift of electricity! It’s amazing the difference it makes.

At the same time, I think of those who feel they have no power and who are facing grim Christmases of their own – help us to do what we can to bring them hope, and may Your grace be with them. Thank You.

Prayer 71: hello, 2015

Dear God

Well, there it is. Christmas and New Year over once again, and I must admit neither are my favourite time of the year. I actually always find Christmas Day itself very depressing (sorry!) and this year it seemed more of a struggle than usual. Still Boxing Day was nice (for which, thank You), but then sadly we fell foul of a nasty virus, from which we have only just recovered. However, at least that got us nicely out of the New Year festivities – which we really don’t enjoy – so it’s true about every cloud having a silver lining indeed …

And now here we are back to the office this morning. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it one bit, so please help me to be aware of Your gentle presence throughout this very tricky day – though with the amount of panic I’ll no doubt be in, I suspect You’re going to have to work harder at it! Thank You.

Prayer 69: the horror of Christmas

Dear God

I’m facing the staff Christmas party today and I have to say I’m dreading it. I really dislike parties and big crowds of people, and to cap it all I’ve had to organise the pesky thing as well, so there’s at least a zillion things that can go wrong and I’ve been awake since 3.30am worrying about it.

Help me to remember that even if everything does goes wrong and it’s all dreadful, You are still with me, and You’re the one thing I can always rely on to be absolutely right. Thank You.

Prayer 67: the miracle of Jesus

Dear God

In the Christian book I’m reading at the moment, I enjoyed the description of the Trinity as being the ‘making, mending and sustaining’ aspects of Yourself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It did strike me, however, that it all seems rather unfair on Jesus, Who must surely have by far the largest role of You all, as there is such an enormous amount of mending to do in this broken world of ours. So thank You for Jesus!

And happy Christmas to you all!

Prayer 63: the God Who stirs things up

Dear God

You do like to stir things up every now and again, don’t You? Just as I’m going along in the usual way quite happily and just as I think I’ve got You sussed, You take great pleasure in turning things upside down, and making me think of You in a new and different way. I suppose that’s what the real meaning of our great celebrations like Christmas and Easter are actually about. So please give me eyes and a heart to see You anew each day and to be prepared to be shaken! Thank You.

Prayer 56: the dullness of Christmas TV

Dear God

I’m not being funny and I know this isn’t the main reason for it all, but please could You explain why there’s absolutely nothing on TV over Christmas? I have to admit to not being a huge fan of the Christmas season anyway, but I definitely need the telly in order to avoid the family and the general horror of too much socialising. So please could you bring yet another miracle out of your Christmas repertoire and let there be something worth watching on TV? Thank You.