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Prayer 171: A miracle cure for colds?

Dear God

Please could You create a scientist clever enough to cure the common cold? Because I’ve got yet another cold and I’m fed up with it. Surely it can’t be beyond the realms of possibility for colds to be added to the list of diseases people no longer have?

On the other hand, I suppose by getting colds so often, I do improve the economic lives of Mr. Lemsip and Mr. Beecham, so I suppose there’s always a silver lining somewhere. It just doesn’t appear to be for me at the moment, oh well … Thank You for listening anyway.

Prayer 106: the problem of colds

Dear God

Why do I have to have quite so many colds? Honestly, over the last few months, I don’t really remember being well, or at least not for longer than a few days at most. I know You’re hugely busy and there’s a great deal of need in the world, but, if You have a spare moment, please could You help keep these nasty colds at bay? I’d be a lot happier woman if You did, and so I’m sure I wouldn’t bother You quite so much with other requests then – thank You!

Prayer 54: the annoyance of colds

Dear God

I really don’t know what the point of colds is or why we have to have them. They don’t seem like a very good invention to me – so I wonder if You accidentally might have let them slip into creation when Your back was turned for a moment or two, as it were …

I mean all this sneezing, snorting and sniffing doesn’t help my prayer life or anyone else’s either, so I and indeed all my colleagues would be really grateful if You could miraculously banish the common cold from Your great plan. Thank You.