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Prayer 209: The mystery of mechanics

Dear God

I felt so pleased with myself today as my colleague and I spent about half an hour putting a new fan together for our desks. Believe me, it wasn’t easy, so it was utterly fantastic when we finally managed it and got it plugged in and functional. Hurrah!

However, our pleasure was soon dashed as somehow we’d put the blades on the wrong way round so all that lovely cool air was coming out of the back of the fan, rather than the front. Oh well, I never said I was any good at engineering, and this has definitely proved it … So, if You could see Your way to making instruction manuals much simpler in the future, that would be most appreciated. Thank You!


Prayer 166: The office merry-go-round

Dear God

You remember that hugely long day at work where I made lots of corrections to a Very Important Document and didn’t get home till 9.15pm? Well, apparently they’ve changed their minds and it’s going back to be how it was before I started, hey ho. Really, sometimes I feel that being at work is like an Alan Ayckbourn farce where I’m not quite sure what the next lines are.

Anyway, the nice thing is that when I heard this news today, I laid my head on the desk for a few minutes and a couple of my lovely girly colleagues stroked my hair while we all laughed hysterically, through the tears … Ah the joys of the office!

Prayer 143: An unexpected escape

Dear God

A colleague of mine told me in the morning that she might have a big urgent job for me to do before I left for the day at lunchtime. Ten minutes before my home time and I knew that as surely as eggs are the proverbial eggs, the job would land on my desk with five minutes to go and I’d just have to stay for an extra hour or so when I would much rather be pottering round the garden having fun.

Sure enough, she came to see me at five minutes to the hour, but – joy of joys! – the job didn’t need to be done at all! So thank You for this unexpected miracle and for the subsequent lovely afternoon spent in the garden.

Prayer 61: Tricky colleagues

Dear God

This week, people have been very snippety at work because of all sorts of nasty stuff going on, and really I find it very upsetting indeed. It’s very easy to get drawn into it because it’s such a difficult time for our office. Please be with us in the middle of everything that’s going on, and help me to offer hope and calmness to everyone I come into contact with instead of being grumpy most the time. But I’m definitely going to need Your help to do this! Thank You.

Prayer 15: workmates

Dear God,

I just wanted to let You know – in case You didn’t already realise this – that some of my colleagues are just brilliant and deserve a little extra attention from You as You go about Your usual working day.

I know I’m not a team player, or whatever the phrase is these days, but I did want to say thank You for them, as I really wouldn’t be able to do the job I do if they weren’t around. Plus they’re nice people and that counts for a great deal, I think. Thank You.