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Prayer 164: No words necessary

Dear God

Sometimes I think the best prayers are those where I don’t say anything at all to You, but instead I just relax in Your company for a while. Like old friends who find that a comfortable and easy silence is more than okay and in fact nourishes the friendship better than a thousand words can do. Thank You.


Prayer 65: God’s comfort

Dear God

Thank You for being a God Who loves to comfort Your people and pour Your love and generosity into our lives. Help me not to be so self-sufficient that I fail to realise the wonderful gifts You have to offer, and all I have to do is ask and receive. Thank You.

Prayer 43: God’s comfort

Dear God

When I think about it – I mean really think about it – the world is so very big and I am so very small. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, and I can’t take any of it in. So thank You for caring for each and every one of us as if we were indeed the whole world to You. Because it’s this which makes the difference and makes life a wonderful adventure, however scared we are. Thank You.