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Prayer 204: The God Who puts things right

Dear God

Thank You that You are forever setting things right and Your work is everlasting. Help me to be open to Your Spirit so I may grow and develop in the way You have already set out in Your heart. Thank You that in You all things work for good and You never let us down.


Dear God, It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong: Prayers for Stressed Christians

I’m happy to say that my new prayer book, Dear God, It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong: Prayers for Stressed Christians, is now available at Amazon, and it’s FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Being a Christian in the modern world can be very stressful indeed. Everyone either thinks we’re having a wonderful time with our marvellous, mysterious God, or they think we’re fools for believing in a faith that surely died a death in the twentieth century …

In both scenarios, the negative feelings, stress and depression frequently experienced by today’s Christian tend to be ignored, not least by one’s fellow Christians. However, in actual fact, God never discounts or ignores anyone. With this in mind, here are one hundred prayers which tell it like it is to God so that even the worst about us is brought out into the open. At the same time, the fact that God listens to all our prayers, no matter how angry, bitter or sad, is a beacon of hope for us all.

May God travel with us more closely on our prayer journeys.

Happy reading and happy praying!

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Thirty Ways to Pray Without Really Praying

My newest spiritual book, Thirty Ways to Pray Without Really Praying, is now available on Amazon. And you don’t have to be religious or even pray at all to get something out of it!

Thirty Ways to Pray Without Really Praying is a spiritual book designed to help you draw closer to your inner self, whether you pray regularly or not at all. It provides one activity for you to do every day for a month, and will help you focus on the things that are important to you. Happy praying (without really praying at all)!

Happy reading!

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Prayer 62: God’s love and generosity

Dear God

My faith is so small but Your love is so great. My generosity has limits, but Yours has absolutely none. Thank You for being the kind of God whose love and generosity knows no boundaries. Help me to remember to show the same kind of love and generosity to those around me, and give me an expansive heart to be able to do so. Thank You.

Prayer 38: bible muddles

Dear God,

I don’t want to seem to be interfering, but was there any particular reason for making the bible so confusing in some respects and downright impossible in others? I would have thought it would have been a lot simpler just to say what You mean so it was obvious to everyone, rather than going round and round the houses with lot of different people trying to declare Your word to the world and getting in a muddle. Or at least that’s how the bible seems to me, more often than not.

On the other hand, I suppose people are Your business and so doing anything without our input would be against Your great mission statement and delight. So thank You for loving us so much that You’re prepared for us to make a muddle, even in the bible, and thank You also that You’re equally willing to help put things right.