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Prayer 210: The gift of friends

Dear God

Thank You for friends and friendship. It’s such a precious gift. Help me not to take those I love for granted, but to listen from my heart to their needs and cares. Give me the ability to provide support when it’s needed, and laughter for the times of celebration. Thank You for caring for us and our friends so much.

Prayer 132: a pig of a day

Dear God

Yesterday was a real pig of a day, I must say. Could You not have warned me that it was going to be quite so difficult as it turned out to be? Even a slight hint would have been nice, but no as usual You’re giving nothing away, are You? I have to say, Lord, that, even though You’re one hundred percent on our side, sometimes friendship with You is a real challenge. Still at least being a Christian is certainly never boring, and for that at least I thank You.

Prayer 33: of curry and friendship

Dear God,

Thank You for curry. It’s always a Good Thing (capitals deliberate) and certainly clears out my sinuses better than any medicine known to humankind. Too much information? Still, obviously You know everything anyway so this fact shouldn’t really surprise You.

Certainly, since chicken biryani and naan bread came to our shores, my life has improved no end and it more than eases the wheels of friendship, so thank You for curry!