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Prayer 165: Coping with difficulties

Dear God

Much of life is a long, difficult, steep and winding slog, to be honest. Or that’s how it seems at the moment – really, there’s very little success, and it’s a case of one hesitant step forward and two devastating steps back. All of the time. Thank You then for your presence with me during all the difficult times, even when I can’t sense or see you, and perhaps especially then. And thank You for the promise that one day You will bring all of us out of our difficult journeys and into a wide and spacious place where we will truly be with You. Thank You.


Prayer 128: a glorious future

Dear God

Thank You for the reminder today that You have good plans and a glorious future marked out for us, and You are a God to be trusted. Give me the gift of hope so that I can see the longer view through Your eyes, and not the short-term difficulties through my own. Thank You.

Happy Easter to you all!