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Prayer 183: Sunshine and flowers

Dear God

Thank You so much for this wonderful weekend we’ve just had. Lots of glorious sunshine, the flowers are beginning to show themselves, and we spent as much time as possible in the garden or on the allotment. Thank You for the natural world You have created and the opportunity to spend time in it. The outdoors just puts everything into perspective for me. Thank You.


Prayer 150: Never give up

Dear God

I thought those old irises in the corner of the garden were never going to bloom. So this year, I decided that if nothing happened (again) then I’d take them out and try something else more reliable. However, yesterday morning, I walked past the iris patch, and a small and delicate purple bloom caught my eye. One of them is about to flower and it looks as if it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when it’s fully out. Thank You then for flowers. And help me to learn to have patience and not to give up on things so easily, but to give them time enough to bloom and grow. Just as You do with us.

Prayer 143: An unexpected escape

Dear God

A colleague of mine told me in the morning that she might have a big urgent job for me to do before I left for the day at lunchtime. Ten minutes before my home time and I knew that as surely as eggs are the proverbial eggs, the job would land on my desk with five minutes to go and I’d just have to stay for an extra hour or so when I would much rather be pottering round the garden having fun.

Sure enough, she came to see me at five minutes to the hour, but – joy of joys! – the job didn’t need to be done at all! So thank You for this unexpected miracle and for the subsequent lovely afternoon spent in the garden.

Prayer 46: the joy of sunshine

Dear God

Thank You for a lovely weekend where we spent most of the time in the garden or on the allotment. It’s really good to be outside in late autumn in such glorious weather – so thank You very much for the chance to get involved with nature for a whole weekend. Living in the UK where rain is our default weather, that’s quite a miracle! Thank You.

Prayer 14: Garden worries

Dear God,

I’m a bit worried about the garden. Please could You make sure that it rains on the days I don’t need to go outside, and that my pot plants and hanging baskets get enough water? That way, I wouldn’t have to rush round like a crazed woman watering everything in sight before it gets dark, and I’d have more time to have that essential post-work Pimm’s before sunset kicks in. Because nothing says neglect more than a droopy hanging basket, and I really wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain.

And, while I’m on, if You could also see Your way to helping my flowers create those wonderful balls of colour that everyone else seems to achieve so easily except me, then that would be very kind too. Again, I don’t want to let the neighbours down. Thank You.

Prayer 13: garden happiness

Dear God,

I know this is unusual as I normally provide You with a helpful list of my needs for Your ease of reference, but this prayer is actually to say thank You. I just wanted to say thank You for my garden, You see. We’ve only had it for three years or so but I really love it far more than I ever thought I would.

All those years of me saying gardens are dull, and now look at me – out there whenever possible weeding and deadheading, planting and planning. I love it. You certainly know how to have the last laugh, as now I really wish we’d thought of living somewhere with a garden before. They’re so terribly calming, which is brilliant as my stress levels are – as You know – normally sky-high. It’s great to potter about in the garden, and I can’t think of anything worrying in my life when I’m thinking about plants and flowers. So, thank You for that.

PS However, if You could do something about making the weeds not as virulent, I’d be hugely grateful, of course.