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Prayer 170: When the Bible gets boring

Dear God

I’m sorry to have to say this, but quite honestly, I find reading a good novel far more gripping and exciting than reading Your Bible. I know that probably makes me a Bad Christian, but then again, that’s always been the case so I suppose You won’t be too surprised by my confession.

Even though I find the Bible more of a chore than a pleasure, I pray that Your generous Spirit will work to Your glory in me as I read it anyway. And thank You also for the joy of reading a good novel, which is surely part of your glorious creation too.


Prayer 86: the comfort of money

Dear God

Money is so comforting and it’s always nice to have it. Help me therefore to understand with my heart that You are far more worthwhile than all the riches in the world. Help me also to be generous with what You’ve given me, and to use what I have to help others. Most important of all, help me to trust in You first of all. Thank You.

Prayer 78: God with us

Dear God

Thank You that You are always totally on our side, even when nobody else is. Thank You for being the kind of God we can rely on. Help me to trust You more and remember all the wonderful things You’ve already done in my life in getting me this far. Thank You that You have a plan for me and my life, which is more than anything I can imagine.

Prayer 65: God’s comfort

Dear God

Thank You for being a God Who loves to comfort Your people and pour Your love and generosity into our lives. Help me not to be so self-sufficient that I fail to realise the wonderful gifts You have to offer, and all I have to do is ask and receive. Thank You.

Prayer 62: God’s love and generosity

Dear God

My faith is so small but Your love is so great. My generosity has limits, but Yours has absolutely none. Thank You for being the kind of God whose love and generosity knows no boundaries. Help me to remember to show the same kind of love and generosity to those around me, and give me an expansive heart to be able to do so. Thank You.

Prayer 50: God’s Generosity

Dear God

Thank You that you are a generous God and always give us far more good things than we can ever ask or deserve. When we ask for a glass of water, You give us an ocean; when we ask for a leaf, You give us a forest; and when we ask for one small star, You give us the whole magnificent sky. So thank You for Your generosity.

Prayer 34: the generosity of God

Dear God,

Today the bible reminded me that You are a God who loves to listen to our prayers and who is a very generous giver. More generous than we can actually ever imagine. I’m sorry for the times I forget that and assume You’re not keen to help, when actually You are. Help me to be bold in the things I ask You and confident that You love to hear me and answer in the best way possible for all. Thank You.