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Prayer 291: Life with God

Dear God

Thank You that with You there is always a future and a hope and we are never left on our own. With You, our lives are so much more than we have ever asked for or imagined. Thank You for the wonderful gift of life in all its fullness. It means more to us all than we can ever truly say. Thank You.

Prayer 283: Peace

Dear God

It all comes down to peace and how we live it, doesn’t it? Because through all the ups and downs of this life, and the sheer busyness and intricacies of existence, Your peace is the golden apple we run after, whether we know it or not.

But, if only we fully understood it, that same peace is already deep within us, as You have planted it in our hearts already so we might know and love You more fully. Please open our eyes and our understanding so we might live more deeply in Your peace. Thank You.

Prayer 219: The gift of laughter

Dear God

Thank You for the gift of laughter. It makes every good moment better and brings a necessary sparkle to the bad moments too. It may indeed be one of the most precious gifts You’ve given us, so thank You for it.

Prayer 210: The gift of friends

Dear God

Thank You for friends and friendship. It’s such a precious gift. Help me not to take those I love for granted, but to listen from my heart to their needs and cares. Give me the ability to provide support when it’s needed, and laughter for the times of celebration. Thank You for caring for us and our friends so much.

Prayer 191: When work gets done

Dear God

Much to my amazement, I’ve finally finished my latest project which has been hanging around for about a year. I can hardly believe the first stage is done! It’s been a tough ride, but getting to the end is very satisfying indeed. Thank You for the gift (albeit a strange one!) of hard work and the consequent joy of completion. Please help me to trust You for the next stage too. Thank You.

Prayer 128: a glorious future

Dear God

Thank You for the reminder today that You have good plans and a glorious future marked out for us, and You are a God to be trusted. Give me the gift of hope so that I can see the longer view through Your eyes, and not the short-term difficulties through my own. Thank You.

Happy Easter to you all!

Prayer 96: Living in the moment

Dear God

Help me to live more fully in the moment as every moment is gifted by You. Help me to put my past and future as much as I can into Your loving hands, and to simply enjoy being in the present moment with You. Thank You.