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Prayer 112: the pain of waiting

Dear God

Why do You make us wait so long for the things You want to give us? Surely it would be far better for You and certainly for me if You just decided what it was I should have and then allowed me to have it. But, right now, it’s the waiting for Your gifts that’s killing me. Because, honestly, Your concept of time is a million times different from ours, and that’s the problem: You have eternity to play with, and I only have fourscore years and ten, if that. Well, I’m more than halfway through now, God, and it would be nice if You eased up on this whole holy waiting thing. Just a little. Just saying … thank You.


Prayer 65: God’s comfort

Dear God

Thank You for being a God Who loves to comfort Your people and pour Your love and generosity into our lives. Help me not to be so self-sufficient that I fail to realise the wonderful gifts You have to offer, and all I have to do is ask and receive. Thank You.

Prayer 51: Our Assumptions and God’s Clarity

Dear God

You do have an amazing ability to take all our assumptions and turn everything round on its head. It’s quite a gift. Help me to be clear-sighted and to see things through Your eyes rather than with my own prejudices and preferences. Thank You that You are a God Who sees and understands all.