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Prayer 208: The horrors of work

Dear God

Oh well, back to work today after a lovely week off. How I hate having to go back to the office, groan. Honestly, retirement is surely a valid career choice, but I fear nobody believes me when I say so. Anyway, if I absolutely have to go to work, I pray You will be with me, seeing me through this first, worst day. Thank You.


Prayer 206: Not being holy

Dear God,

I have to say that it’s utterly impossible to be holy when I have a cold or when my catarrh problems get out of hand. So, while I’m coughing, spluttering and snorting away like an old horse way past its best, You’re going to have to be holy for me. The good thing about this is of course You’re far better at that task than I am. Thank You!

Prayer 199: The prickly days

Dear God

Yesterday was a very bitty and prickly day, I must admit. Nothing flowed well, and I just couldn’t seem to settle to anything. Basically, it seems as if I was hugely busy but actually got nothing much done, with even more to do today. Deep sigh.

Help me to remember in times like this that You are the glue that holds everything in the world together, including my life. Help me to turn to You more willingly in the tricky times. Thank You.

Prayer 105: dealing with rude people

Dear God

Why are some people just so rude? I honestly don’t see that there’s any need for it, and I also don’t like the fact that I seem to have spent a serious amount of time this week having to deal with them all. Do I have a sign on my forehead saying “I love rude people – so come on, bring it on!…”? It certainly seems like it today.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good prayer I should be praying about them all, if I were a good Christian. But, as I’m definitely not a good Christian, all I can say is this: please could You take these rude people and sort them out so that I don’t have to do it? In the kindest possible way, of course … Thank You.