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Prayer 292: The Pathway

Dear God

Thank You that You provide a safe pathway for us to walk with You through our lives. Yes, there will be danger and pain, as well as joy, on the way, but Your presence makes the road that we tread a good one. Thank You.


Prayer 165: Coping with difficulties

Dear God

Much of life is a long, difficult, steep and winding slog, to be honest. Or that’s how it seems at the moment – really, there’s very little success, and it’s a case of one hesitant step forward and two devastating steps back. All of the time. Thank You then for your presence with me during all the difficult times, even when I can’t sense or see you, and perhaps especially then. And thank You for the promise that one day You will bring all of us out of our difficult journeys and into a wide and spacious place where we will truly be with You. Thank You.

Prayer 136: God’s loving concern

Dear God

Please open my eyes and help me to see just how deeply involved You actually are in the world. I miss seeing You so often because my eyes are closed and my mind is elsewhere. So help me to be sensitive to Your presence in every situation and to recognise Your loving concern in every aspect of our lives and in every situation we find ourselves in. Thank You.

Prayer 129: Jeremiah … again

Dear God

Jeremiah is still going on, and on, and honestly I’m getting a more than a little bored with it all. I think I could safely take his book in the Bible and précis the whole message down to about five short chapters. Surely that would be better?

On the other hand, I suppose You’re just as interested in our journeys as well as our destinations, and more often than not we learn far more from our travels than we do from our arrivals. Goodness knows I have enough to-ings and fro-ings and general meanderings of my own, so I suppose I can’t really blame Jeremiah for his. In any case, thank You for travelling with us every step of the way.

Prayer 111: the all-powerful God

Dear God

There are so many fears and anxieties around us that darken our days and our minds. Help us to remember that You are more powerful than all the fears and anxieties in the whole world and beyond, and that Your presence and reassurance are always with us. Thank You.

Prayer 101: the things that matter

Dear God

Help me to remember the things that are important, and to put to one side the things that take me away from You. Help me to see the world I encounter with Your eyes and Your understanding, alongside my own. Thank You for the riches of Your presence in our lives.

Prayer 52: God’s wonderful presence

Dear God

Help me to see how much and how deeply You are involved in all of life, from the greatest adventure to the smallest moment. Open my eyes so that I can catch a glimpse of You wherever You’re working in my life and the lives of those around me. Help me to be open to Your wonderful presence. Thank You.