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Prayer 291: Life with God

Dear God

Thank You that with You there is always a future and a hope and we are never left on our own. With You, our lives are so much more than we have ever asked for or imagined. Thank You for the wonderful gift of life in all its fullness. It means more to us all than we can ever truly say. Thank You.


Prayer 288: Still only Tuesday?

Dear God

Well, yesterday was a pretty long day, I must say. Honestly, it seemed to last at least six months, and at one point I thought that 5.30pm was never going to come round and I might be in the office forever. Hell indeed, eh … There was just so much stuff going on and so many different kinds of crisis to circumnavigate – couldn’t You have spread the pain throughout the week rather than giving it all to us in one day? Just a thought …

Still, I suppose that does at least mean that the worst might just be over, so thank You for that. I really hope the rest of the week improves, and whatever happens, thank You for somehow seeing us all through it.

Prayer 225: A moving miracle!

Dear God

Thank you that this week’s work moves are now, miraculously, on track and it looks like everyone will be where they should be next week after all, hurrah! I’m hugely grateful for your help with this one, I can tell You. I pray that the next set of moves happening next week will be okay too – as I will definitely need Your help again. Thank You!

Prayer 200: God’s life-changing love

Dear God

Goodness, my 200th prayer! Anyone would think that I actually liked praying, rather than finding it horrendously difficult. Thank You for listening to my meanderings in such a generous way. Help me to remember that no matter how tiresome or dull prayer seems to me, it’s always worth it as underneath and over everything we try to do is Your great and life-changing love. Thank You.

Prayer 99: The problem of Jeremiah

Dear God

Is it just me or does Jeremiah go on a bit? Because goodness me but that young man has an awful lot to say. I’ve just started reading his book in the Bible and there are chapters and chapters of this stuff. All doom and gloom. Honestly, it’s like watching the second series of Broadchurch on a continuous loop – no light in all the dreary darkness. Still, at least it does show me that maybe – just maybe, mind You – my life might not be all that bad. And for that, thank You.

Prayer 90: the miracle of lemons

Dear God

Much to our astonishment, our little lemon tree has actually grown some lemons this year for the first time, and they look and smell amazing! Thank You for this unexpected miracle. Okay, I’m not sure what to do with seven lemons – it’s only a very small tree! – but thank You anyway.

Prayer 89: Life in all its fullness

Dear God

Thank You that You came to give us life in all its fullness. Help me to treasure each moment as a gift from You and to be grateful for Your presence in my life. Whether the moments are good or bad, help me to find You in them, for You are a God Who is always with us. Thank You.