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Prayer 152: Say Yes to Rest

Dear God

Sometimes, it’s just absolutely vital to have a break. Not to be super-spiritual or reinvigorate my prayer life (which, Heaven knows, is probably beyond reinvigoration now!) but just to stop doing all the crazy things that make me so busy but which don’t make me happy. Thank You then that in every part of our lives, we always have the opportunity simply to say no to yet more exhausting activity and say yes to rest.


Prayer 141: Egypt makes me smile

Dear God

I really don’t know what You have against Egypt in the Bible. People either seem to be fleeing from it or in terrible danger when they go and live in it. Well, in my opinion, Egypt is a wonderful place with a fascinating history and a fantastic people, and it was a joy to visit it: one of my best holidays ever. As a result, whenever Egypt is mentioned in the Bible, I always smile with the good memories, which possibly isn’t the reaction I should be having in terms of its symbolic use! But, anyway, thank You for Egypt and the wonderful opportunities we have these days for travel.

Prayer 130: the joy of medication

Dear God

Thank You so much for the utterly magical properties of anti-depressant pills. It’s amazing how very normal I feel now I’m taking them again – compared to the last few weeks which as you (and my long-suffering husband) know have been very dodgy indeed. They really do make such a difference and allow me to live my life to the full rather than scrabbling around weeping in the corners of it. If You see what I mean. So thank You for the medical profession and for the gift of medicine.

Prayer 106: the problem of colds

Dear God

Why do I have to have quite so many colds? Honestly, over the last few months, I don’t really remember being well, or at least not for longer than a few days at most. I know You’re hugely busy and there’s a great deal of need in the world, but, if You have a spare moment, please could You help keep these nasty colds at bay? I’d be a lot happier woman if You did, and so I’m sure I wouldn’t bother You quite so much with other requests then – thank You!