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Prayer 228: Getting better

Dear God

Whisper it softly but I think I might be getting over my two-week virus. Today is the first day for ages that I’ve not needed a Lemsip Max the moment I get up and I’ve even been able to do some of my morning exercise routine. Oh well, I suppose there’s always a negative side to getting better, isn’t there! I’ve been rather enjoying the excuse to be lazy … Seriously though, thank You for the gift of health, and please help all those who are feeling ill or sad today. Thank You.


Prayer 211: When God gets it wrong!

Dear God

I have to say I think it was a bit mean of You to keep me well during all the working week, and yet spring a rather nasty cold on me all over the weekend. What could You be thinking? So I spent all weekend coughing and spluttering on the sofa when I could have been doing all the far more enjoyable things I had lined up.

Still, at least, I’ve managed to catch up on my reading and had time to watch the golf on TV, which I always enjoy. So maybe You’ve not been too horrible to me after all. Thank You then for providing some comforts when things are bad. I just hope You might grant me good health for next weekend instead!

Prayer 162: Age worries

Dear God

I’ve been worrying all week about having to go to the doctor as I thought I might have arthritis in my arm – and even though arthritis happens at any age, to me it felt like a really big sign that I’m getting older, and I wasn’t sure how much I liked that. Not at all, actually, if You’re asking …

Anyway, it turns out that I don’t have arthritis, but it’s a frozen shoulder instead. Hurrah! And apparently, it will eventually pass, so that’s great news. So thank You that the disease I have isn’t as tricky as the one I thought I might have, and today this feels like a small but important miracle. Thank You.

Prayer 130: the joy of medication

Dear God

Thank You so much for the utterly magical properties of anti-depressant pills. It’s amazing how very normal I feel now I’m taking them again – compared to the last few weeks which as you (and my long-suffering husband) know have been very dodgy indeed. They really do make such a difference and allow me to live my life to the full rather than scrabbling around weeping in the corners of it. If You see what I mean. So thank You for the medical profession and for the gift of medicine.