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Prayer 192: Heavens above!

Dear God

The trouble is – and I hate to say it – that I actually don’t really like what I read in the Bible about heaven. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. For someone like me who likes to be alone or just with my loved one, the concept of a place where there are so many people and all that constant noise of praise is really rather horrid. I hope that in heaven, there will at least be a quiet garden where we can escape to, and perhaps You will be there too to wander around with us. That would be nice. Thank You.

Prayer 123: Disasters with Figs

Dear God

That parable in the Book of Jeremiah about the good and bad figs is all very well and I’m sure it teaches us a great deal – but all I can think of at the moment is how very annoying it is that whatever I do I just can’t grow a fig tree because they always die on me. And I’ve always wanted a fig tree. Heck, I’d even be happy with those pesky bad figs Jeremiah talks about just to be able to say I did manage to grow some for just once in my life. And I know that’s not the point of the story and I’ve gone off at a tangent again, but I do hope that even if I can’t have figs on earth, there will at least be good figs in heaven to enjoy. Thank You.

Prayer 107: being fifty

Dear God

I don’t like being in my fifties – it’s a really horrid feeling that there’s much less time ahead of me than there is behind me, and I do think life is on the whole something to hang on to for as long as possible if I can manage it. I know heaven’s supposed to be wonderful but You know how much I hate change … As I go into my older years, help me to keep holding on to You, and please guide and bless me through it. Thank You.

Prayer 103: the joy of wool and heaven

Dear God

I don’t think I’m ever really warm in this house during winter no matter how many radiators I turn up or how many electric heaters I put on full-blast. Still, thank You for thick jumpers and woolly socks – where would I be without them? And I hope that when the time comes – which I really pray won’t be for a long, long time, in case You’re asking – that heaven will be eternally warm all year round. Thank You!

Prayer 24: names in heaven

Dear God,

I’m very grateful for Your promise that my name is written in heaven because I believe in You. But please promise me one thing more: unlike most of the people I know, including friends and workmates, could You just put a tiny bit more effort than usual into making sure my name is spelled correctly? As people are always getting it wrong, even if they’ve known me for years or have learnt how to spell it before – and I have to say it’s really irritating. Thank You.