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Prayer 225: A moving miracle!

Dear God

Thank you that this week’s work moves are now, miraculously, on track and it looks like everyone will be where they should be next week after all, hurrah! I’m hugely grateful for your help with this one, I can tell You. I pray that the next set of moves happening next week will be okay too – as I will definitely need Your help again. Thank You!


Prayer 218: The bad and the good

Dear God

Why is it that bad things happen in crowds and good things just one at a time? Isn’t there a way to balance that out so we get a more even experience of the good and the bad – surely that would be a more sensible way of running things? Just a thought … Anyway, while I’m here, attempting to pray, please could You help me to cope with the bevy of bad things that are happening and make the most of the odd miracle of the good? Thank You.

Prayer 189: the muddle of work

Dear God

Today at work is likely to be filled with the usual combo of muddle, stress and boredom, and I must say I’m not looking forward to it one bit. Could You not have included helpful sections in the Bible to teach us how to deal with these kind of days? It would certainly have been useful if You had done so … Anyway, any help You might be able to provide me with as I stagger through this day would be very gratefully received. Thank You.