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Prayer 173: When progress isn’t progress

Dear God

Ooh look, a whole week off when I can just relax and not have to do anything! What a miracle indeed in these hugely busy times. Speaking of which, is it just me or does the arrival and development of the Internet mean we simply have more and more things to do and worry about?

I remember with some irony many years ago when my boss at the time told me that the introduction of computers into the office meant that we would have a lot more leisure time. Ha! As if, eh. As it turned out, computers meant we just had to get a lot more done in our working day – which just goes to show that sometimes progress isn’t necessarily good for us. Something to ponder about indeed …


Prayer 141: Egypt makes me smile

Dear God

I really don’t know what You have against Egypt in the Bible. People either seem to be fleeing from it or in terrible danger when they go and live in it. Well, in my opinion, Egypt is a wonderful place with a fascinating history and a fantastic people, and it was a joy to visit it: one of my best holidays ever. As a result, whenever Egypt is mentioned in the Bible, I always smile with the good memories, which possibly isn’t the reaction I should be having in terms of its symbolic use! But, anyway, thank You for Egypt and the wonderful opportunities we have these days for travel.

Prayer 126: the joy of retirement

Dear God

Thank You for a really relaxing holiday last week and for all that valuable time away from work. It makes me realise just how wonderful retirement is going to be and, honestly, I absolutely can’t wait for it. However, it’s back to work today, I fear, so please do give me the courage to face it. Thank You.

Prayer 122: the shock of a good Monday

Dear God

An astonishing thing took place yesterday. It was Monday and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t come home and reach for my usual whisky and ginger to take the pain of Monday away. Gosh. Not that I’ve got anything against the powerful medicinal qualities of whisky and ginger, or whisky and anything really. But I thought You’d want to know that this time, for this week, Monday hasn’t been so bad. That may of course be because I’m winding down for my week off next week (hurrah!) and so things are looking a little brighter, but thank You anyway.

Prayer 35: holiday blues

Dear God, holidays are fine but the worst thing about them is having to go back to work again. Honestly, You wouldn’t believe how much I’m looking forward to retirement but unfortunately it’s not going to happen yet. In the meantime, please could You help me get through today and somehow get inside my “work head” again, at least until I come back home. Which I’m very much looking forward to, I must say. Thank You.