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Prayer 291: Life with God

Dear God

Thank You that with You there is always a future and a hope and we are never left on our own. With You, our lives are so much more than we have ever asked for or imagined. Thank You for the wonderful gift of life in all its fullness. It means more to us all than we can ever truly say. Thank You.


Prayer 227: The plus side of St Paul

Dear God

No matter how irritating and long-winded I find St Paul in the Bible, the one big thing I learn from him is to trust in You and have hope whatever my own circumstances. Because You are in charge of it all. Help me to turn to You more willingly and ask for Your help even when I’m too shattered and fed up to think. Thank You.

Prayer 187: the mysteries of Lazarus

Dear God

The miracle of Lazarus is always breath-taking, no matter how many times I read it. Thank You for Your great power and mercy in bringing to life things that are long dead, and giving us hope where there is none.

Still, I do often wonder how his second chance at life was for Lazarus and how terrible it must have been when the authorities started to persecute him too. Help us to remember that just because we have received a great blessing doesn’t mean there won’t be pain too – and give us the grace to bear it. Thank You.

Prayer 182: God’s resurrection power

Dear God

I know I’ve probably said this before, but it’s astonishing how with You failure and even death are never the end. There is always something more beyond our darkest days that You long to reveal to us. So thank You for that hope and for Your miraculous life-giving power.

Prayer 178: A distant hope of peace

Dear God

Many years ago when I first became a Christian (if either of us can remember that far back), I prayed for a quiet heart and a peaceful spirit in life. Well, that’s not really worked out quite as hoped for, has it? Still, I’m willing to give it another go, if You are, and let’s just see what happens this time … Thank You.

Prayer 144: the God of hope

Dear God

Thank You that when we think all hope has gone, it’s exactly then that You work Your saving miracles. Help me to remember this during the bad days and to trust that You always save the best to last. Thank You.

Prayer 142: Easter hope

Dear God

Thank You for the joys of Easter and the wonderful way it coincides for us in the UK with the real beginning of Spring. Thank You that the message of resurrection hope and life in all its fullness is echoed in the resurrection joy of nature. Help me to learn the lesson well that there is always hope and the last word to everything is always love. Thank You.