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Prayer 196: An expansive love

Dear God

Thank You that You are a God of relationships, not of rules. Thank You that Your love helps us expand and deepen our humanity, not constrict it. Help me to open my heart more fully to Your presence every day and may Your Spirit work through me to bless others. Thank You.

Prayer 194: God’s birthday

Dear God

Thank You for birthdays, and the happiness of having one special day that is truly our own. It’s such fun to be made a fuss of, I have to say! Thank You also for sending Jesus and for His special birthday too. Thank You for being a God Who truly cares about us and Who truly shares our humanity in every way. You do more for us than we can ever ask for or imagine. Thank You.

Prayer 95: the dehumanising horror of Christian books

Dear God

Why is it that Christian books always seem ever so slightly (and sometimes a great deal!) irritating – most of them seem to be written by people who either have perfect lives or want to have them. When I read Christian books, I seem to spend most of my reading time either snorting with disbelief or annoyance. Sorry, but it’s just the way it is.

So, this may be an odd sort of a prayer (though, actually, all my prayers are odd) but please save us from Christian writers who simply don’t know how to be human. And thank You that I follow a God Who is utterly uninterested in making us all into perfect Christians and instead deeply dedicated to the sheer humanity of our lives. Thank You.

Prayer 16: Not passing by …

Dear God,

I read today about how You healed the women with the bleeding while You were on Your way to help Jairus’ daughter. It must have been very busy, and it struck me how brave and humane it was for You to stop on the way to one task and make time for another, even with all the pressure other people were putting on You.

Help me to be prepared to stop and make time for others even when there’s a very important task to be done elsewhere – as it’s something I do so easily forget. After all, I really wouldn’t want You or indeed other people to pass me by when I need help because there was something far more important somewhere else. Thank You.