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Prayer 228: Getting better

Dear God

Whisper it softly but I think I might be getting over my two-week virus. Today is the first day for ages that I’ve not needed a Lemsip Max the moment I get up and I’ve even been able to do some of my morning exercise routine. Oh well, I suppose there’s always a negative side to getting better, isn’t there! I’ve been rather enjoying the excuse to be lazy … Seriously though, thank You for the gift of health, and please help all those who are feeling ill or sad today. Thank You.


Prayer 211: When God gets it wrong!

Dear God

I have to say I think it was a bit mean of You to keep me well during all the working week, and yet spring a rather nasty cold on me all over the weekend. What could You be thinking? So I spent all weekend coughing and spluttering on the sofa when I could have been doing all the far more enjoyable things I had lined up.

Still, at least, I’ve managed to catch up on my reading and had time to watch the golf on TV, which I always enjoy. So maybe You’ve not been too horrible to me after all. Thank You then for providing some comforts when things are bad. I just hope You might grant me good health for next weekend instead!

Prayer 171: A miracle cure for colds?

Dear God

Please could You create a scientist clever enough to cure the common cold? Because I’ve got yet another cold and I’m fed up with it. Surely it can’t be beyond the realms of possibility for colds to be added to the list of diseases people no longer have?

On the other hand, I suppose by getting colds so often, I do improve the economic lives of Mr. Lemsip and Mr. Beecham, so I suppose there’s always a silver lining somewhere. It just doesn’t appear to be for me at the moment, oh well … Thank You for listening anyway.

Prayer 162: Age worries

Dear God

I’ve been worrying all week about having to go to the doctor as I thought I might have arthritis in my arm – and even though arthritis happens at any age, to me it felt like a really big sign that I’m getting older, and I wasn’t sure how much I liked that. Not at all, actually, if You’re asking …

Anyway, it turns out that I don’t have arthritis, but it’s a frozen shoulder instead. Hurrah! And apparently, it will eventually pass, so that’s great news. So thank You that the disease I have isn’t as tricky as the one I thought I might have, and today this feels like a small but important miracle. Thank You.

Prayer 106: the problem of colds

Dear God

Why do I have to have quite so many colds? Honestly, over the last few months, I don’t really remember being well, or at least not for longer than a few days at most. I know You’re hugely busy and there’s a great deal of need in the world, but, if You have a spare moment, please could You help keep these nasty colds at bay? I’d be a lot happier woman if You did, and so I’m sure I wouldn’t bother You quite so much with other requests then – thank You!

Prayer 71: hello, 2015

Dear God

Well, there it is. Christmas and New Year over once again, and I must admit neither are my favourite time of the year. I actually always find Christmas Day itself very depressing (sorry!) and this year it seemed more of a struggle than usual. Still Boxing Day was nice (for which, thank You), but then sadly we fell foul of a nasty virus, from which we have only just recovered. However, at least that got us nicely out of the New Year festivities – which we really don’t enjoy – so it’s true about every cloud having a silver lining indeed …

And now here we are back to the office this morning. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it one bit, so please help me to be aware of Your gentle presence throughout this very tricky day – though with the amount of panic I’ll no doubt be in, I suspect You’re going to have to work harder at it! Thank You.

Prayer 57: God’s walk with depression

Dear God

Depression really isn’t anything to laugh about, is it? It may not be something people can see, but its effect is just as devastating as any other illness I know. So, as You may already realise, it’s not been a good week for me and these short days and long nights of Winter aren’t helping much either.

Even though I can’t sense You, and my prayer life is even worse that it usually is (if such a thing is possible!…), I believe that You’re there somehow in the midst of it all, so thank You for that. And if You could stay with me as I hobble along until things get better, that would be great too. Thank You.