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Prayer 59: the fertile desert

Dear God

Isaiah talks today about a desert becoming a flowing river and refreshing everything in its path. It’s a really lovely image of who You are and how You can work in us. In the midst of all the bleakness and difficulty around and within me, help me to let Your Holy Spirit flow in all His fullness through me and into the lives of those I meet. Thank You.

Prayer 42: oddities from Isaiah and Jesus

Dear God

Today I read in the bible about Isaiah going around naked just to demonstrate a prophecy, and Jesus being really rather rude to the host at a dinner party to try to get His point across. Goodness, what a way to start my day! Help me to remember that You don’t do things the way I do and to be open to the possibility that there might be more going on under the surface of any situation I’m in.

Though, being me, I am definitely not going to start going around naked or shouting at dinner parties – and I’m sure You (and my friends and neighbours) are very pleased to hear it … Thank You.

Prayer 40: Angry Isaiah

Dear God

I must say Isaiah can be quite a violent and angry young man, can’t he? I’m reading his book in the bible at the moment and honestly it’s quite exhausting. Especially first thing in the morning before I get my hands on a cup of coffee. Still, it’s good to know that all kinds of emotions are acceptable to You, and You don’t get fazed by anything we humans can possibly come up with. And speaking as a woman in the initial stages of her menopause, that’s really quite a relief! Thank You.