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Prayer 177: The horrors of Ezekiel

Dear God

I have to say that if I thought Jeremiah was grim, then Ezekiel is a million times more so, oh dear me. Could You not have chosen some prophets with happier personalities and perhaps even a tendency now and again to look on the bright side? I mean Ezekiel does go on so, and I can see why the people didn’t pay much heed to the poor bloke.

Honestly, if I’d been around then, if I saw Ezekiel coming, I would have hidden pretty damn quick and prayed he wouldn’t see me. Much like the people at the time then … And perhaps there’s a lesson there for me too – Your message doesn’t always turn up in pleasant ways or from people I particularly like to be with, so help me listen to You as best I can even when it’s not easy. Thank You.


Prayer 129: Jeremiah … again

Dear God

Jeremiah is still going on, and on, and honestly I’m getting a more than a little bored with it all. I think I could safely take his book in the Bible and précis the whole message down to about five short chapters. Surely that would be better?

On the other hand, I suppose You’re just as interested in our journeys as well as our destinations, and more often than not we learn far more from our travels than we do from our arrivals. Goodness knows I have enough to-ings and fro-ings and general meanderings of my own, so I suppose I can’t really blame Jeremiah for his. In any case, thank You for travelling with us every step of the way.

Prayer 123: Disasters with Figs

Dear God

That parable in the Book of Jeremiah about the good and bad figs is all very well and I’m sure it teaches us a great deal – but all I can think of at the moment is how very annoying it is that whatever I do I just can’t grow a fig tree because they always die on me. And I’ve always wanted a fig tree. Heck, I’d even be happy with those pesky bad figs Jeremiah talks about just to be able to say I did manage to grow some for just once in my life. And I know that’s not the point of the story and I’ve gone off at a tangent again, but I do hope that even if I can’t have figs on earth, there will at least be good figs in heaven to enjoy. Thank You.

Prayer 99: The problem of Jeremiah

Dear God

Is it just me or does Jeremiah go on a bit? Because goodness me but that young man has an awful lot to say. I’ve just started reading his book in the Bible and there are chapters and chapters of this stuff. All doom and gloom. Honestly, it’s like watching the second series of Broadchurch on a continuous loop – no light in all the dreary darkness. Still, at least it does show me that maybe – just maybe, mind You – my life might not be all that bad. And for that, thank You.