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Prayer 202: Faults and foibles

Dear God

I’m sorry for the number of times I criticize or judge other people – because really I have more than enough faults and foibles of my own that could be criticized by them, and to a far greater effect. Help me instead to remember Your kindness to me and offer that same kindness to others. Thank You.


Prayer 134: the power of words

Dear God

Words can kill or cure us, they can strike us down or build us up. Help me to remember the power of words as I go about my busy and stressful day, and to use them wisely and kindly. Thank You.

Prayer 47: Real riches

Dear God

Help me to remember that how You view riches is very different from how I view them. So help me to spend less time on the things that matter to me, such as money and being noticed all the time, and more time on the things that matter to You, such as love, joy, patience and kindness, and grow rich in them instead. Thank You.