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Prayer 219: The gift of laughter

Dear God

Thank You for the gift of laughter. It makes every good moment better and brings a necessary sparkle to the bad moments too. It may indeed be one of the most precious gifts You’ve given us, so thank You for it.


Prayer 210: The gift of friends

Dear God

Thank You for friends and friendship. It’s such a precious gift. Help me not to take those I love for granted, but to listen from my heart to their needs and cares. Give me the ability to provide support when it’s needed, and laughter for the times of celebration. Thank You for caring for us and our friends so much.

Prayer 209: The mystery of mechanics

Dear God

I felt so pleased with myself today as my colleague and I spent about half an hour putting a new fan together for our desks. Believe me, it wasn’t easy, so it was utterly fantastic when we finally managed it and got it plugged in and functional. Hurrah!

However, our pleasure was soon dashed as somehow we’d put the blades on the wrong way round so all that lovely cool air was coming out of the back of the fan, rather than the front. Oh well, I never said I was any good at engineering, and this has definitely proved it … So, if You could see Your way to making instruction manuals much simpler in the future, that would be most appreciated. Thank You!

Prayer 137: one wild party …

Dear God

I must have left the office meeting room window open over the weekend and, honestly, the high winds we had on Saturday have wreaked absolute havoc with the window blinds. They now look as if they’ve been through a very exciting party indeed and are much the worse for wear, and some. Half of them are lying across the floor and half of them are tangled up together in what looks like the closest thing to installation art that I’ve seen in a long time. The Buildings team aren’t going to be happy but I must say it gave us in the office a good laugh on a Monday morning, for which we’re hugely grateful. So thank You for laughter, but help me to remember to shut that window next time!