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Prayer 291: Life with God

Dear God

Thank You that with You there is always a future and a hope and we are never left on our own. With You, our lives are so much more than we have ever asked for or imagined. Thank You for the wonderful gift of life in all its fullness. It means more to us all than we can ever truly say. Thank You.


Prayer 283: Peace

Dear God

It all comes down to peace and how we live it, doesn’t it? Because through all the ups and downs of this life, and the sheer busyness and intricacies of existence, Your peace is the golden apple we run after, whether we know it or not.

But, if only we fully understood it, that same peace is already deep within us, as You have planted it in our hearts already so we might know and love You more fully. Please open our eyes and our understanding so we might live more deeply in Your peace. Thank You.

Prayer 281: The smallest prayer

Dear God

Thank You for being the kind of God Who listens and responds to our smallest prayer, even when we don’t necessarily know we’re praying it. All the best answers lie only in You, so please help me to trust You more with the meanderings and directions of my life. Thank You.

Prayer 165: Coping with difficulties

Dear God

Much of life is a long, difficult, steep and winding slog, to be honest. Or that’s how it seems at the moment – really, there’s very little success, and it’s a case of one hesitant step forward and two devastating steps back. All of the time. Thank You then for your presence with me during all the difficult times, even when I can’t sense or see you, and perhaps especially then. And thank You for the promise that one day You will bring all of us out of our difficult journeys and into a wide and spacious place where we will truly be with You. Thank You.

Prayer 131: God’s final word

Dear God

Thank You that in You the final word is never death or doom or destruction, but instead the final word is always life and joy and hope. Thank You for being a God Who always plans to make things better and whose plans are always fulfilled. Help me to bear this truth in my heart always.

Prayer 130: the joy of medication

Dear God

Thank You so much for the utterly magical properties of anti-depressant pills. It’s amazing how very normal I feel now I’m taking them again – compared to the last few weeks which as you (and my long-suffering husband) know have been very dodgy indeed. They really do make such a difference and allow me to live my life to the full rather than scrabbling around weeping in the corners of it. If You see what I mean. So thank You for the medical profession and for the gift of medicine.

Prayer 107: being fifty

Dear God

I don’t like being in my fifties – it’s a really horrid feeling that there’s much less time ahead of me than there is behind me, and I do think life is on the whole something to hang on to for as long as possible if I can manage it. I know heaven’s supposed to be wonderful but You know how much I hate change … As I go into my older years, help me to keep holding on to You, and please guide and bless me through it. Thank You.