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Prayer 200: God’s life-changing love

Dear God

Goodness, my 200th prayer! Anyone would think that I actually liked praying, rather than finding it horrendously difficult. Thank You for listening to my meanderings in such a generous way. Help me to remember that no matter how tiresome or dull prayer seems to me, it’s always worth it as underneath and over everything we try to do is Your great and life-changing love. Thank You.


Prayer 198: People come first

Dear God

Help me to remember that people are far more important than projects or even principles. With You, people always come first – so help me never to be so busy with the many things I need to do that I have no time to watch out for and listen to people. Thank You.

Prayer 177: The horrors of Ezekiel

Dear God

I have to say that if I thought Jeremiah was grim, then Ezekiel is a million times more so, oh dear me. Could You not have chosen some prophets with happier personalities and perhaps even a tendency now and again to look on the bright side? I mean Ezekiel does go on so, and I can see why the people didn’t pay much heed to the poor bloke.

Honestly, if I’d been around then, if I saw Ezekiel coming, I would have hidden pretty damn quick and prayed he wouldn’t see me. Much like the people at the time then … And perhaps there’s a lesson there for me too – Your message doesn’t always turn up in pleasant ways or from people I particularly like to be with, so help me listen to You as best I can even when it’s not easy. Thank You.

Prayer 125: When God is just dull …

Dear God

Sorry to bring it up like this, but sometime You’re actually quite dull and don’t really communicate much. I do think You should put in more of an effort every now and again. I’m not asking for a great deal here.

Though, on the other hand, maybe what I need is to be quiet and listen a bit more and panic a bit less. Now that would be a novelty and a real miracle for sure! So, Lord, help me to listen better, but at the same time You’re going to have to speak up. Thank You.

Prayer 34: the generosity of God

Dear God,

Today the bible reminded me that You are a God who loves to listen to our prayers and who is a very generous giver. More generous than we can actually ever imagine. I’m sorry for the times I forget that and assume You’re not keen to help, when actually You are. Help me to be bold in the things I ask You and confident that You love to hear me and answer in the best way possible for all. Thank You.

Prayer 31: the gift of listening

Dear God,

I read in the bible today about Martha and Mary, and I’m struck once more how vital the gift of listening is for us all. Thank You for always listening to me, because I know how special that makes me feel and these days when I tend to think that nobody sees me and I’m barely noticeable, the fact that You listen makes a great deal of difference.

Help me then to freely offer the gift of listening to others just as You do to me, as we all deserve to be heard and heeded. Thank You.