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Prayer 169: Making sense of meetings

Dear God

I never thought I’d get those minutes written up today as they were so long and complicated and full of financial details I can’t understand at all, so I thought I might either implode or run screaming from the office before I even reached the second page. However, with Your help, I’ve managed a first draft that makes some kind of sense (I think!), so thank You very much for that. However, I’m sure there’ll be corrections to do at some point so please help me to make sense of those too. Thank You.


Prayer 154: A Sleep Disaster

Dear God

I woke up at a quarter past three this morning, and didn’t get back to sleep before the alarm went off. It’s Monday morning and, honestly, I’m not feeling my best. Though maybe if I could actually get my eyes to stay open, things might look better. Plus I have a nine o’clock meeting to minute at work and I suppose it would be wise to be mainly awake for it. So please help me get through the day without collapsing entirely, and most of all, please help me to get a decent night’s sleep tonight. Thank You.

Prayer 30: a joyful lack of work

Dear God,

I just want to thank You  that I don’t have to do all the meetings which were scheduled for today, as to my astonishment and relief two out of the three have been cancelled or rescheduled. Sometimes the best gift of all is the gift of unexpected free time and I am very grateful indeed for it. Especially on a Monday. Thank You.