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Prayer 122: the shock of a good Monday

Dear God

An astonishing thing took place yesterday. It was Monday and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t come home and reach for my usual whisky and ginger to take the pain of Monday away. Gosh. Not that I’ve got anything against the powerful medicinal qualities of whisky and ginger, or whisky and anything really. But I thought You’d want to know that this time, for this week, Monday hasn’t been so bad. That may of course be because I’m winding down for my week off next week (hurrah!) and so things are looking a little brighter, but thank You anyway.


Prayer 118: a biscuit miracle

Dear God

In the midst of the grim Monday I’ve just had – which was rather grimmer than usual, sadly – it was a total joy to open my biscuit drawer and discover (oh blessed miracle!) that there were not one but TWO chocolate biscuit packets I’d somehow overlooked until now. Honestly, it was the best thing that happened in my day and so thank You enormously for the magic of chocolate biscuits.

Prayer 48: Unexpected miracles

Dear God

Thank You that every so often You throw in a miracle I’d never anticipated or thought about asking for. Today, you made Monday far more bearable than it usually is at work by the simple method of making all our computer systems inoperable for a day. Honestly, it’s the best Monday I’ve ever had by far, so thank You for that. The only trouble is that now the systems have been mended again, so please give me strength for Tuesday. Thank You.

Prayer 30: a joyful lack of work

Dear God,

I just want to thank You  that I don’t have to do all the meetings which were scheduled for today, as to my astonishment and relief two out of the three have been cancelled or rescheduled. Sometimes the best gift of all is the gift of unexpected free time and I am very grateful indeed for it. Especially on a Monday. Thank You.

Prayer 22: Mondays

Dear God,

Please help me not to panic on a Monday. I’m so often overwhelmed when I open up my computer at the office after the weekend to see exactly how much there is to do. Really, email can sometimes seem to be the Work of the Devil, You know.

Anyway, it’s easy to panic – too easy! – and I wish You’d give me at least a veneer of calm so I don’t start hyperventilating and running round in circles. Because it’s not a good look, I can tell You. And by Tuesday it all seems to have calmed down a notch or two – so please help me to remember this when the craziness of Monday hits. Thank You.

Prayer 9: the oddities of church

Dear God

Church is seriously weird, isn’t it? I’m not a great fan of get-togethers anyway and I don’t like having to be nice to people on more days than a Sunday. I’m quite happy to go along, sing the hymns, read the bible and listen to the talk and pray the prayers, but then having to chat to people over coffee makes my head spin. It’s really hard having to pretend to be nice, You see, and acting the part of a Good Christian Woman for a whole hour plus coffee time is really more than enough for one week. I have to be extra bad on a Monday in order to make up for it. Your universe, after all, loves balance.

I think it’s the Sunday Lying that’s the last straw – it’s so very hard to avoid. Only last week, I found myself telling a member of the new church I’m going to that I hadn’t been able to sing the hymns properly (due to a sore throat) but I’d sung them anyway in my heart. Gross! I didn’t even recognise myself saying those words and thought I might laugh the moment I’d said them, but to my shame I did feel pleased that the woman looked quite impressed. But really! What could I be thinking??

And then only this week, I found myself reacting with enthusiasm to the minister’s suggestion that I consider officially joining the church now I was a regular attender, even though I hate joining churches, and I’m much better off sitting at the back and slipping away when the worship is done. So, God, if You could try to ensure that next time I go to church I don’t get swopped at the door on my way in with some kind of holy woman who gets me into all sorts of worthy activities I don’t need to be part of, that would be great. Thank you.

Prayer 2: Gloomy Mondays

Dear God,

It’s Monday again and I’m not really ready for it. I’m not sure why You had to include Mondays in Your wonderful schedule of days, but if You could at any time see fit to take us straight through from Sunday to Tuesday, that would be wonderful. If You could make Sunday finish at about 2pm, it would save my husband and me getting depressed at the thought of another week, and if at the same time Tuesday could begin at about 11am, that would be a lot better as the middle of the week would then only be a hop, skip and a jump away. If the world absolutely has to have a seven-day week, then please could You elongate Saturday so I can fit in all those things that tend to get left until Sunday and clog up the day at that point, such as ironing, weeding, and checking the car tyres.

Thank you.